poniedziałek, 11 maja 2015

Bp Potocniak Scj

To już 19 lat minęło od naszych święceń, a więc to jubileusz rocznika 1989-96. Uroczystość odbyła się w WSM w Stadnikach. „19-tka” to więcej niż kryształ, a tuż przed porcelaną. Mimo, że to już kupa lat, i doświadczenie czuje się na barkach, nikt z nas nie odpadł po drodze. Gratuluję za to moim współbraciom rocznikowym, którzy rozsiani są po całym świecie na swoje misje. 

Biskupem, który zaszczycił naszą uroczystość, tamtego dnia, i udzielił nam święceń, był Józef Potocnak, scj. Osobiście miałem go okazję spotkać, parę dni temu, w Hales Corners. Pamięta dobrze tamten dzień i każdego z nas. Biskup, który długie lata pracował w RPA, obecnie rezyduje w domu sercańskim na Florydzie.  Za dwa dni będzie obchodził już 79 urodziny. 

Pozdrawiam serdecznie i do zobaczenia wkrótce, mam nadzieję.

Bp. Potocniak, Sacred Heart at Monastery Lake, Hales Corners, WI

wtorek, 5 maja 2015

Still the Champ!

“Time stops” in the Philippines when Pacquiao steps into the ring. The streets in the villages and cities are empty. I just learned from the news that there is not even one crime incident recorded in the entire country when it happens. This is the only “zero crime rate time” in the Philippines. Everybody watches the greatest hero of the country.

When I was in the Philippines it was the best time to travel. I could drive freely without any traffic even through the streets of downtown of Manila. When Pacquiao fights it is like a great fiesta in the whole country. I heard that even the victims of the typhoon at relocation centers, eg. Bantayan Island, who lost everything last year, are provided with a big screen to watch the game.

People talk about his fight weeks and months before it is scheduled. They expected it almost like they expect the visit of Pope and even more than this. Decorations are prepare like for Christmas. One of the airlines, Air Asia, painted the plains with the image of him.

No surprise Manny Pacquiao is the hero of the country. He is the only one to draws attention of the Filipino people for almost 20 years. Every Pinoy would like to become like him. He would win an election if only he runs for President of the country.

Mayweather & Pacquiao
Indeed he will remain a hero and the Champ always. His fans were sad after his most recent lost but many of them say: “he inspires us with his spirit and we are so grateful to him.” Others said to explain his lost: “Mayweather fight like a gay. He looks like and he moves like a gay” (Liza Soberano & Raymond Gutierez). The most popular newspaper wrote: “You are still air Champ!”

I am certain that many are disappointed after watching the “fight of the century,” that took place last Sunday. Manny Pacquiao faced the American super champion Mayweather at Las Vegas. We expected more fight, knock-outs, horror… but it was a very quiet match. Mayweather won the game because of his smart strategy. As a bigger man, with his long arms, kept Pacquiao in a safe distance. Pacquiao tried his best but he never reached the target. No blood, no pain, no hurts… Therefore the favorite of the crowds at Las Vegas lost.

Although Pacquiao lost again the Filipino people still call him: “the Champ.” The most of the magazines and local newspapers on Sunday, the day he was to fight, dedicated the entire content to him. On the first page were printed two pictures beside each other: Pacquiao and Mayweather. The main headline wrote: “who is the greatest?” Beside Pacquiao was his wife, 5 kids and his mother. She always is beside to remind him to pray and to be close to God. There were also printed a few words of the president of the country: “doesn’t matter who will win. He will always remain as the great man for the country.”  And I guess it will stay like that forever and ever. Amen.
Pacquiao with his Mother and Family