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Warning about the Airphil Express airlines

Don’t ever fly with Airphil Express!!! 
Air Philippines was re-launched as Airphil Express last March 28, 2010 as a low-cost carrier. It is a sister company of Philippine Airlines under the Lucio Tan Group, but it is operating independently from PAL. It operates lots of domestic flights throughout the Philippines. It attracts many tourists with inexpensive tickets but is also well known as company of frequent mistakes, long delay and cancel flights…, etc.
Last week I experienced it myself. I had with me a group of visitors from different countries. I had a terrible and embarrassing experience because of their mistake and a poor service. Although we had a confirm tickets, bought via internet, we couldn’t fly and we had to buy a new tickets. They told us that probably there was an error in the system and the money didn’t reach them! We didn’t have any possibilities to complain about their mistake or even to talk with their manager. We just got two options to choose: ‘either to buy new tickets or not to fly!!!’
How is it possible that our names appeared on their computer but the tickets were not paid??? How the system could process and issue our tickets without charging the credit card? Why nobody inform us about “the mistake” though the tickets were bought and confirmed five weeks ago?
So my dear friend, even if you have a confirmed ticket, properly bought at Airphil Express, doesn’t mean that you will be able to fly with them!
Three times I had a chance to fly with Airphil Express recently. It was always accompanied with incidents and bad experiences. First time, it was a delay; then, rude service and, finally, third time, I had to buy a new tickets. It is enough!
Airphil Express calls itself as “Most Outstanding Domestic Airline" and is proud of it. (Just see it on their website?!) I guess it is “most outstanding” but in a negative sense.
Moreover, I had a look at internet sites at some of the comments of people who had similar incidents to me… so many of them! I just wonder how it is possible that this company is still “in service” and fools people everywhere!
So, I just give you an advice: don’t fly with Airphil Express!!!

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